• Meet FRIDA : A Revolutionary AI Digital Growth System

    In Real-Time, Increase Your Online Digital Presence Without Any Paid Ads.

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Digital-Growth Made Easy With The Power Of ADVANCED AI

Frida, an AI Digital Growth system grows a business online digital presence autonomously. It analyzes both your company and competitors web presence 24/7- technically computing millions of data points everyday and incorporating disciplines of inbound marketing to recommend actionable insights that will yield optimal results. With Frida, you will grow your online visibility and page rank higher without any paid ads.

All-In-One AI powered SEO, PageMap, Market Research, and Social Media engine that increases your ROI and Revenue optimally.

Organically GROW Your Online Visibility.

SEO Technical Audit Analysis

  • AI Optimal SEO Generated Keywords
  • Autonomous Keywords updates
  • Content Marketing
  • Recommendation Engine

Page Rank Higher Organically

  • Technical Page & Map Audit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Reviews Analysis
  • Reputation Management
  • Recommendation Engine

Gain Competitive Edge At Your Finger-Tips.

  • Real-time 360-Degree Competitors Analysis
  • Detailed view of their strategies and tactics
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • PESTLE Analysis
  • Porters 5 Forces Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Market Recommendation Engine

Find Qualified Social Media Customers.


  • Customer-centric Social Media Marketing
  • Increase Sales
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Competitor Social Media Analysis
  • AI Social Media Recommendation

Visual All Your Online Data In One Platform.

  • Integrate online data from any web source
  • Analyze data. Uncover blind spots. Get Deep insights.
  • Go from insights to taking actions.
  • AI Recommendation Engine.

Get Real-time Updates Seamlessly


  • Connect to heterogenous data systems
  • 24/7 updates on your digital web presence
  • Billions of data collected, processed and analyzed
  • Take actionable smart decisions

Your Digital-Growth Is In Our DNA

Frida Delivers ROI In As Little As 4 Weeks













Who We Serve

We Work With People Who Want To:

  • Increase their online customer acquisition

  • Increase their conversion rate

  • Understand and Influence customer behavior

  • Gain Competitive Advantage

  • Increase their Page Rank

  • Increase their ROI and revenue


Marketing leaders seeking to optimize their  company’s product and services positioning and align with  their sales organization.


Businesses looking to increasing their digital presence, conversion rates and customer acquisition while reducing their marketing costs.

Market Researchers

Researchers seeking to analyze their market, competitors and brand management to gain mind and market share.

Market Agencies

Agencies looking to automating their digital workflows, increase their ROI and reduce costs for their organization and as well as for their clients.

We Solve The Digital Web’s Biggest Challenges

Catalyze forward from gaining insights to achieving Growth

What is the health of my website?
What are my optimal SEO keywords ?
How do I page rank higher?
How to increase my customer acquisition?
Where can I find new customers?

What are my competitors tactics?
How are my competitors ranking?
What are my competitors brand sentiment?
What’s are my competitors review sentiment?
How do I beat my competitors?

Want to GROW your WEB presence?

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